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What if the secret of creativity had been found?


Everyone CAN be more creative

Imagine if the secret of creativity had been discovered by science. What then? We’d live in a world in which anyone and everyone could become a more imaginative, inventive and insightful thinker, professional, soul.

Today, this matters more than ever. Creativity is key to your thriving personally and professionally. It’s behind not just artistic but imaginative behaviour of every form. And now it’s something you can access in yourself like never before.

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Introducing the world’s first creativity system

Dr. Michael Bloomfield

Dr. Michael Bloomfield

Developed by creativity expert and anthropologist Dr. Michael Bloomfield (PhD) over twenty years of research, Kleytro [Klay-tro] is the world’s first system designed to develop your creative mind and self. It is based on the idea that creativity is in essence a “language” with a “grammar” – the hidden rules of the creative process – which the system enables you to internalise.

Scientific research has recently uncovered the rules of this grammar through the first unified theory of creativity, Generator Theory.

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Our revolutionary creativity app

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Qreativity™ app coming in 2019

Now you can rewire your brain for creativity in a scientifically validated way. Exercise your powers of visualisation and imagination, your ability to combine and transform ideas, and your ability to discover hidden meanings, while also gaining all of the benefits of meditation.

Benefits of a more creative mind


Personal transformation


Work success


Emotional wellbeing


Many of the benefits of mindful meditation such as positive impact on stress, mood & health.

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Dr. Michael Bloomfield

The Creative Age blog

Go to Dr. Michael Bloomfield's blog The Creative Age for his thoughts, ideas and theories about creativity in business, leadership, education, science, personal development and wellbeing.

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Hear us talk about creativity

For you

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Our launch event The Creative Secret will take place in spring/summer this year in central London. It’s FREE but there’ll be limited numbers.

For your business


Thinking about the need for your business or organisation to be more creative? Book a FREE introductory talk today.

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A transformative class ... I inverted my approach to problem-solving and surprised myself by generating exciting ideas through an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable process.


I think it’s woken up a corner of my brain I didn’t know existed. It’s almost magical.
— Sandy Garfield, company director