Most Men Think Being More Creative Will Make Them More Sexually Attractive


A new survey* of 200 men in the UK reveals that 58 percent think being a more “creative, inventive and imaginative thinker” will make them more attractive.

This comes hot on the heels of a viral story about a man who instigated an unusual and creative dialogue with a woman he matched with on Tinder – which worked.

The result of the study, commissioned by Qreat, appears to support evolutionary psychologist Dr. Geoffrey Miller’s “cultural courtship model” which suggests that creativity emerged in evolution as a means of signalling fitness in the mating area. Motivation wise, it certainly gives intriguing clues as to why many men pursue creative endeavours.

Qreat say that the question of whether women feel their being more creative would increase their attractiveness will be studied soon.

*200 men aged 18-64 in the United Kingdom were asked the question: “Do you think being a more creative, inventive and imaginative thinker would make you more romantically attractive?” 57.9 percent said “yes” and 42.1 percent said “no”.