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Creativity is key to business success

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2020 creativity will be the third most important skill in the entire world of work. A global IBM report found that leaders say the most important leadership skill is now creativity. And a global Adobe study found that a majority of people say they are increasingly being expected to think creatively at work. We’ve entered the Creative Age… have you?We’ve entered the Creative Age… have you?

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Here are just some of the reasons organisations aren’t unlocking their creative potential:

  • Staff don’t have the necessary cognitive creative skills 

  • Creativity happens haphazardly – it’s not part of the ‘DNA’

  • Leaders are not fully equipped to make creative decisions

  • 99% of ideas – many of which have hidden potential – are lost

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How we help unlock your creativity

Events & Retreats


e.g. our one-day “Creative Awakening” event

Coaching & Mentoring


Support key individuals and unlock their creative potential



Learn how to think about creativity itself

Focal Createmics


Solve one of your challenges counterintuitively

Kleytro Training


Designed to increase your people’s “creative IQ”

An Imaginarium


Build physical and digital spaces to maximise your creativity

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Recent client engagements

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BrainScape 2018 by PHD Media in Dubai

Michael gave a talk at PHD Media’s BrainScape 2018 which this year was titled GENIUS: Beyond Creativity, Intelligence. Michael spoke to 400 senior marketing executives from leading global companies about the urgent need to put creativity at the heart of marketing strategy and, further, to weave creativity into an entire organisation’s DNA.

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Michael gave a Masterclass at the Guardian’s London headquarters, showing people from all backgrounds how to think about creativity and how to tap into their immense reservoir of creative potential.

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A new language for thinking about creativity
Absolutely brilliant
— FleishmanHillard Fishburn

Coming in the future

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Qreativity™ for Business app


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