Creativity Exercise 1


Until 31 January we are offering anyone the chance to experience a tiny taste of the Kleytro creativity training system through two exercises provided here (below). We are looking for feedback in a variety of areas - so please fill in the form afterwards!

You are NOT expected to think of any highly creative ideas during either of the sessions!

The exercises are simply designed to target and train those parts of the mind/brain dealing with creative thinking, with “failure” to think of brilliant ideas an expected feature (not a bug). As we like to put it, “trying is training”. Over time, just trying to complete exercises like these and many others will strengthen your ability to think creatively.

The first exercise focuses on the ability to generate unexpected outcomes - one of the keys to creative thinking according to renowned creativity expert Professor Margaret Boden. It includes practising four of the “grammatical” components of creative thought.


This exercise takes five and a half minutes. We suggest you use earphones or headphones to listen to it and to be comfortably seated in a quiet place. There are voiced instructions, though these are minimal – the goal is to immerse yourself in the visualisation and see where it takes you. There is no need to take notes or draw anything.

Click on the below audio file to play the exercise, and close your eyes throughout.

Once you have finished, please click on the feedback button to answer a small number of questions. You will then be given a link for a second exercise, if you wish to do one.