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Learning the Language of Creativity with Dr. Michael Bloomfield

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Creativity is now a must-have. The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2020 creativity will be rise to be the third most important skill in the entire world of work. Here you’ll find out why.

This one-hour session explores the new science of creativity and the way it is reshaping our understanding of the role of creative thinking in personal and professional success. Creativity is not the preserve of the artist, designer or someone working in one of the “creative industries”. It is for everyone, from leaders, administrators and researchers to engineers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

In terms of benefits and takeaways, attendees will discover:

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What creativity REALLY is

Why they absolutely NEED it

How to INCREASE it

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To achieve this the session will cover:

  • The scientific definition of creativity – crucial to recognising and developing it

  • Illustrative examples of creativity in culture and business

  • The key barriers to creativity – mentally, emotionally and culturally  

  • Tips for how individuals can enhance their creativity

  • Guidelines for encouraging a culture of creativity in your business


Creativity practice

The good news is that research has now proved that even a small amount of structured training can significantly increase anyone’s ability to think creatively, and (space and time permitting) the session will offer a taste of how such training can stimulate the mind.

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Dr. Michael Bloomfield is a leading authority on creativity, having developed the first unified theory of creativity, Generator Theory, and the first systematic method for enhancing anyone’s creative intelligence, Kleytro. With a PhD from the University of East London, where he is also a former lecturer, Michael has taught creativity to organisations such as IBM, Pernod Ricard and FleishmanHillard Fishburn.

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Recent speaking engagements

Michael’s recent keynote talks include BrainScape in Dubai and Tink Labs in London, and he has run Masterclasses in creative thinking for the Guardian, which has also published his ideas on creativity. 

Guardian Masterclass, November 2018

Guardian Masterclass, November 2018

BrainScape, Dubai, November 2018

BrainScape, Dubai, November 2018

A new language for thinking about creativity
Absolutely Brilliant
— FleishmanHillard Fishburn

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