The World’s first creativity system

Throughout history people have used systems to improve their skills, systems like yoga for the body, karate for self-defence and mnemonics for memory.

But there’s never been a system for learning to think more creatively. There are techniques here and there, many of which do have some efficacy. But there has been nothing with a architecture sophisticated enough for example to permit levels of progression from novice to master.

Kleytro™ is here to change all that.

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Kleytro [Klay-tro] is the world’s first system designed to develop your creative mind and self. Kleytro is based on the idea that creativity is in essence a “language” with a “grammar” – the hidden rules of the creative process. Scientific research has recently uncovered the rules of this grammar through the first unified theory of creativity, Generator Theory.

The Kleytro system consists of structured creative thinking exercises which enable you to internalise this grammar of creativity. Over time, anyone can become fluent in the language of Creative.