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We're now making our programs available to the general public so that anyone can set out on their own powerful journey of creative development.

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Kleytro™ is a complete mind-body training system for developing your creative faculty, the first in history of its kind. It has has been developed over twenty years of research and experimentation by Qreativity co-founder Dr. Michael Bloomfield.


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We're looking for adventurous souls who are interested in developing their creative mind and are willing to give us a little time and some feedback.

Michael Bloomfield (PhD)

Michael Bloomfield (PhD)

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A transformative class ... I inverted my approach to problem-solving and surprised myself by generating exciting ideas through an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable process.
— Guardian masterclass attendee
“I think it’s woken up a corner of my brain I didn’t know existed. It’s almost magical.”
— Sandy Garfield, company director